The international search for philotimo begins on the 21 of December 2014, giving the opportunity to all those who understand Greek culture around the world to submit their definitions, stories and images of what they consider to be #philotimo, the core Greek cultural concept and character virtue. In effect, anyone who understands the word philotimo, will have an opportunity to take part in the first of its kind social research to study a national narrative while laying the foundations for systematic research into what constitutes “The Greek Secret”.

The search will take part both online on as well as during regional events organised by volunteers internationally.

The inaugural event on the 21st of December is hosted at COCO-MAT New York, where people will be able to walk in throughout the day, learn more about the initiative and submit their philotimo definitions, stories and images.

The data collection will be conducted across a three month period (21 December 2014 – 21 March 2015) with an aim to gather as many contributions as possible.

For more information, media enquiries and how to join the international network of volunteers please email us at

Philotimo Foundation